Relic Recovery League D Meet 1

Today was the first competition that counts this season: League Meet 1. We came in confident in our robot but slightly less confident in our auto, because we did not test it as much as we would’ve liked. We went through inspections fairly smoothly, and went in for our first match, where our auto worked perfectly, and we ended up scoring 143-2 that match with our partners 12675 Hermit Social Club, easing our minds a lot. In our second match, we scored a whopping 262-44 with 11167 Verdugo Hills High School, which we later learned was the regional high score at the time, as well as one of the highest scores in the West Super Region! However, in that match we knowingly illegally violated rule G4 in lining up ou robot, meaning that we extended beyond the 18 inch starting cube during alignment, meaning we should have received a Minor Penalty. We reported this to referees after the match, and they said that they did not even realize that that was a rule. However, they said that they were impressed that we came up after the match to report our own penalty and didn’t give us a penalty. After that, we scored 173-67 in our next match alongside 13978, Mechanized Garbage A, meaning that we were undefeated. Our next match, however, was against another undefeated team, 8496 Heat it Up and Keep it Cool. Paired with 9247 Chromium Robotics, we took a narrow victory of 151-101. Our final match was against the team that we had been paired with when we scored the regional high score – 11167 Verdugo Hills High School. That match, we made a line up error, and so did not hit the jewel and took our first loss at 137-157. Even with that loss, though, we ended the day ranked 3, and we looked at it as a success overall, because our robot did what we hoped it would do. We now are ready for Meet 2!