Relic Recovery League D Meet 2

Today we had League Meet 2 for Zone D. We were revealing our new spinny claw on WALL-E, and were excited to see how it would work. We started with our alliance partners 12675 Hermit Social Club and won in a score of 162-102. However, our auto did not work as planned, as when we lined up our robot, we had our claw that we use in auto in a position where the glyph would get stuck and not release, which had never happened before. In our second match, paired with 9894 Robolions, our jewel arm got stuck in the down position, so we knocked off both jewels and failed to correctly place the glyph when the downed arm twisted our robot. We all breathed a collective sigh of relief when we discovered that we won by 1 point, with a score of 106-105. In our next match, a non-counting surrogate match paired with 11688 Dad’s Club Robotics’, we once again had a nail biting match, winning by double the margin of the previous match – 163-161. We then moved into the next match with team 11167 Verdugo Hills HS as our partners, where we won by a score of 167-118. In the next match, with 11683 Roboknights Too, after a perfect autonomous, we filled an entire cryptobox with glyphs, scoring the high score of the day with 245-68! We were super hyped after this accomplishment, because we have only completed a box in practice, and only once before. We were happy after that, no matter what happened in the next match, which we ended up winning 151-64 with 9247 Chromium Robotics, ending the day undefeated with 10 QP and 447 RP!