Relic Recovery League D Meet 3

Today we had our final League Meet of the season, League Meet 3! We were especially excited today because we had our whole team at a competition for the first time, and were looking forward to a good day of competing. We started off by winning our first match with 8894 Class 7 as partners 168-32, which was a decisive victory that guaranteed us 20 QP going into the ILTs. We had a bit of a scare in the auto though because the jewel arm did not knock off the jewel because it was too high, but that was a minor fix and easily remedied. In our next match, paired with our friends at 8496 Heat It Up and Keep It Cool, we did great, winning 264-65, our personal high score as well as the high score for the League in general! Our next match was also a success, scoring 235-4 paired with 11167 Verdugo Hills High School Robotics. Unfortunately, because we generated so little RP, that match counted for very little. The next match, though, did count, because, paired with our pals 5942 Team Torch, we scored 201-54. Unfortunately, through driver error, we missed our entire autonomous, but we ended up winning anyway. Even though we were having a great day so far, none of us were prepared for our final match where, matched with 13978 Mechanized Garbage A, we scored a whopping 334-142, breaking not only our personal and League records set earlier today, but also the Regional high score! A great ending to a great Meet, where we ended up undefeated, 2nd at this event and 1st overall entering ILTs. This season’s League Meets were great, and we are excited and ready for ILTs next month!