Relic Recovery Scrimmage with Teams 5942 Team Torch and 8496 Heat It Up and Keep It Cool

Today we invited two local teams in our League, 5942 Team Torch and 8496 Heat It Up and Keep It Cool, to come to the lab and have a scrimmage. We started by each introducing our team members present and showing our robots, telling the other teams what improvements we have made over the past couple weeks. We then ran many matches, running on both alliances, using PresentBot as our fourth robot. Both of the other teams had noticeably improved from when we last met them at Meet 3, although our performance had slightly dropped since with this new robot we had much less driving practice. Additionally, we discovered the hard way that our intake was shredding our glyphs, literally ripping them apart, because there was no flex in the intake. We also tried to Relic a few times with our new mechanism, but due partially to some coding errors, partially to the bad field, and mostly to lack of previous driving practice, our attempts were less than successful. Overall, the scrimmage was a lot of fun, and all of the teams got some good driving practice in. We’re all looking forward to ILTs in two weeks!